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C++ is a programming language that was developed by Bjorne Stroustrup. His idea was to produce a strong programming object-oriented language with the powers of C. It was initially known as C with classes as it had a combination of object orientation with class functionality. It covers both high-level and low-level language and thus is an intermediate language. It is easier to learn C++ if one knows C, as C++ is just an extended language. A beginner can pick C++ if object-oriented programming is their preference.

C++ is a language that allows multiple inheritances or inheriting of more than one class for a base class. For example, ‘class a’ can inherit from ‘class b’, and ‘class c’ of a program to include functions from both classes at a single place. C++ has numerous libraries based on Standard Template Library covering major functions needed for a program.


C# or also known as C Sharp is a programming language developed by Anders Hjelsberg. It was initially known as ‘Cool’ which later got renamed as C Sharp. C Sharp is a high-level object-oriented program which like C++, is built over C. C# has C as its backbone. Owned by Microsoft, C# was introduced along with .NET and visual studio.

The C# compilers expect a minimum and specific set of class libraries for its functioning. Class libraries that are built over the .NET framework give additional functionality.

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